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Standing seam metal roof systems are widely used in many large buildings such as airport terminals, sports stadiums and theatres. However there are many problems such as deformation and wind-lift that caused by big wind or heavy rain. To monitor these damages and take maintenance measures in advance are very important to avoid economic losses and personal injuries. Considering the area of roof system is large and detection sensor cannot obtain the overall deformation of the metal board, this paper is trying to build a model by which we can obtain the overall deformation in case of only knowing the deformation of some points. This model uses an improved way of superposition method based on Levy-type solution which can estimate the overall deflection in real-time. Through comparison with simulation results of the finite element software we conclude this model is relatively accurate and can be used as assisted reference in monitoring damage and health management of metal roofing system. Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (ECD) has developed a building integrated PV (BIPV) metal roofing module under the DOE/NREL PV:BONUS program. The module has been designed to be aesthetically and mechanically integrated into residential and commercial buildings. The module is an exact replacement for a metal roofing “pan” manufactured by ATAS International, requires no electrical feedthroughs or additional fasteners, and uses standard metal roofing materials and installation techniques already in use in the metal roofing industry. Consequently this PV roofing retains the watertight features of the best 30 year roofing systems and can be installed by metal roofing contractors with no additional specialized training. The modules are fabricated from multi-junction a-Si alloy solar cells produced on a thin, flexible stainless steel substrate. The polymer encapsulated modules are large-area (typically up to 22 ft long and 1.5 ft wide), lightweight, and flexible. This paper summarizes: the PV module and demonstration array design; the installation procedure; the demonstration program; and the projected cost.
In this paper, 4 section shapes of corrugated arch metal roof commonly used in China: U shape, V shape, high-U shape and wide-V shape, are analyzed and compared from the bearing capacity and economic indicator aspects, and come to a conclusion objectively by practical example.

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