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Putting (a new) roof over your head

Some purchases hit your wallet but yield a little joy. A smart new suit. A really big TV. A shiny new car. And then there are things like a new roof. Absolutely necessary, but no fun. And downright painful if you use the wrong roofing company.

Bay Area Consumers’ Checkbook and Checkbook.org evaluated local roofers and found significant company-to-company differences in customer satisfaction. Some of the businesses were rated “superior” overall by 90 percent or more of their surveyed customers. Unfortunately, lots of customers of some of the outfits regretted their choices: Several of the companies were rated “superior” overall by fewer than 60 percent of their surveyed customers. Polycarbonate Sheet Suppliers in Chennai

Checkbook’s undercover shoppers also found big price differences when they asked companies to bid on several different, carefully specified reroofing jobs. For one project, prices ranged from $12,500 to $28,590 — a difference of more than $16,000. For another job, quotes ranged from $7,727 to $19,073 — a difference of more than $11,000. For the third, prices ranged from $9,460 to $19,340.

When the bids come in, don’t assume a low price means you’ll get lesser quality. For each of the jobs, our shoppers received low prices from firms that received top customer ratings. Checkbook found no price-quality relationship for roofing work — highly rated companies were just as likely to quote low prices as companies that earned low marks for work quality. Also, Checkbook’s experience with roofing bids is that there is often no consistency: Some contractors charge high prices for some jobs and low ones for others.

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