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Both builders say they collectively have four other comparable projects underway in Kamulu and Ruai, on the outskirts of Nairobi, signaling how investors are currently embracing this version of home roof building.

After Joshua Mogere was prepared to construct a home, he knew he needed a roof which could differ from ordinary ones he’d seen when he had been searching around for a roof layout.

He had in mind the type of roofs popular from the coastal area, but wasn’t certain when they were perfect for southern Kenya, where he planned to build his own family home.

Flat-roofed homes, based on building specialists, have consistently been a preserve of this coastal area, where almost all of the home architecture has the same meaning as the predominance of Arab culture.

In accordance with Ephantus King’ori, among the 2 directors of Abib Jaus, a building firm that specialises in designing and construction flat-roofed homes, lots of the coastal homeowners favor flat roofs because they manage them a scenic perspective, especially the sea, by the deck in addition to their residence.

When Mr Mogere approached Mr King’ori for information on the roof layout, Mr King’ori introduced the coastal roof layout . As its name implies, flat roofs are normally even, without a pitch. This layout is feature of Egyptian, Egyptian and Arabian design styles.

There could possibly not be any sea breeze to relish Kenya’s mainland, however with minimal alterations, flat roofs could be converted to other uses.

In accordance with Duncan Ndung’u, plus a property developer, the pitch of a horizontal roof ought to be gentle, a element which enables the surface to be utilized as a patio, a rooftop living area or lounge, terrace, gazebo, or partially enclosed to make a penthouse or possibly a mini-garden. “Some investors include another waterproofing part and mount a swimming pool in addition to their flat-roofed homes,” he adds.

House heating and cooling system, he adds, may be set on the flat roofs, keeping them from sight, even while at precisely the exact same time giving a conducive structure for installing solar panels, even such as supplementing energy source from the home, making the house more energy-efficient.

“This sort of roofing can also be durable, doesn’t need regular replacement of drained or cracked roofing tiles, demands no surplus paintwork, is not as conducive to destruction by end and saves on the expense of purchasing trusses, as well as the ceiling plank,” notes Mr Ndung’u.

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